About Me

Hello, my name is George Salazar Martinez.  I have a varied and unique political, cultural, and historical perspective, one which I will share with you as this personal blog evolves and grows. I love to write and I’ve sponsored other blogs in the past, some highly successful.

To start off, I must tell you I am a former Marine captain who saw combat in Vietnam, a patriot and a defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights with all its amendments, particularly Freedom of Speech and the Right to bear arms.

Embedded within my perspective is my sincere belief – no my absolute conviction – that planet Earth has had an extraterrestrial presence for billions of years, way beyond the oldest archaeological evidence of humanity or Homo sapiens. Their presence controls our political, economic and cultural institutions to this day.  They are the true “hidden government.”

Actually, we are a genetically modified species which over centuries have served as slaves for the purpose of furthering an extraterrestrial agenda, that agenda not yet fully understood but slowly becoming clearer.

It is, in effect, the “missing link” in our evolutionary chain, that chain having nothing to do with Darwinism, but rather with our star origins. If you remain a reader of this blog, I will convince you of this progression which is at the core of our participation in a vast cosmic evolutionary chain.

This allegation rests on the findings of Sumerian language/cultural expert, Zecharia Sitchen; Laura Eisenhower, the great granddaughter of President Eisenhower who established the first treaty with extraterrestrials; Kerry Cassidy of Project CamelotLinda Moulton Howe of Earth Files; Edgar Cayce, the most famous psychic of the 19-20th Century, not to mention the testimony of thousands of insider whistle-blowers who have worked in above-top-secret projects in Area 51, S4, and Groom Lake in Nevada, and hundreds of military bases across America and western aligned countries like Australia (Pine Gap), Britain, China, Russia, et al.

Prominent among the first whistle-blowers was Bob Lazar, a physicist hired via Majestic 12 (a top-secret committee established by President Truman after the Roswell incident in 1947) in order to assist in the reverse engineering of retrieved alien craft at Roswell, Socorro and Aztec in New Mexico, three sites that I have personally visited in my travels throughout the Southwest.

Other reputable whistle-blowers and researchers include scientists like microbiologist, Dan Burisch, another Majestic 12 scientist; astronauts like Edgar Mitchell, among others; physicist/inventors like Nicolai Tesla; and engineers/geologists like Phil Schneider.

At some point in the future, I will share with you my own personal encounter with a UFO off the coast of California.  Millions of people worldwide have now had these experiences. It can no longer be denied or made fun of, no matter what our government says. It is time to wake up and demand full disclosure.

I have no formal education or work experience on foreign policy matters, other than having lived in many foreign countries over the years as a civilian and Marine Corps officer.

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in social sciences from two major universities in California and several certificates in technological fields to include computer applications as well as having been an editor/publisher of three bilingual newspapers in Southern California.