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If America opens its border, you will see a rise in social disorder, just as Europe has seen a rise in rape, civil disobedience and terrorism

Trump, even before becoming president, saw the future of America and became determined to convince the American people that an uncontrolled immigration is a death knell for a sovereign nation.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Democratic Congressional leaders, want open our southern borders to fill the ranks of the Democratic Party, to create division and chaos and give opportunity to M13 gangs, radical Muslim terrorists, and peoples whose country of origin have abdicated their responsibility to provide for the safety and economic well being of their poor and political powerless.

The corruption in nations like Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Chile, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan fill the pockets of their corrupt leaders proving nothing but bread crumbs to the farmer, tribal communities and patriots within their artistic, intellectual and freedom of speech communities.


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