No one gets out of their deal with the devil (Faustian) for wealth, perversion, and control: Lucifer’s influence is evident in Congress, the United Nations, and the International New World Order (EU). Rejoice as Christ has already returned and his manifestation is in the form of the Second American Revolution, which starts TODAY. Lock and load warriors of Saint Archangel Michael!

One of my favorite alternative news mediums is the SGT Report founded and hosted by Sean Turnbull. He is a well-read, experienced, and articulate individual who brings onto his shows the very best of alternative news media. Among his regular guests are Liz Crokin, who is not only beautiful but brave and audacious not to mention a real investigative journalist.  I hope to meet them in another lifetime if only to learn.

The interview below is but a sample of the exceptional jewels of unknown information that pervade his almost daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The terms you will hear are “UK Ultra,” child rape, pedophilia, child sacrifice, and using the blood of children to increase longevity, an ancient pagan practice, clearly tied to legends of vampires, monsters, and demons.  If you have seen the movie, “Eyes Wide Shut,” you will see a correlation with the testimony of “Theona,” the subject of this interview.  I hope Sean will forgive me for sharing his YouTube content but I give him total credit, provide a link to his home page.

In addition, my website is not monetized, as everything I write is free because I truly believe you should not charge people to become awake.

I do not even have a button for PayPal contributions.

From now on, I will tell a bit of myself so you give you some semblance of credibility.  I am a second-generation Mexican American. I attended junior college in my hometown of San Bernardino, CA.  I transferred my credits to SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies.  Later I acquired a Masters in Science from PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY in SOCIOLOGY AND CORRECTIONS.

After joining the Marine Corps upon graduation from SDSU, through its officer training school (OCS) in Quantico, I served as a 2nd, 1st, and Captain in Vietnam, where I became the youngest Commanding Officer in Vietnam. It was not due to my exceptional skills, but the fact that officers were the targets of the Vietcong (guerrillas) and NVA (North Vietnamese Army.)

Upon my return to Camp Pendleton in California, I became the Commanding Officer of the Recon School, an intense training school preparing young Recon Marines for service in the later part of the Vietnam War.

It was my honor and pride to have served my country,  I am 75 years of age now and due to some health issues I do not expect to live much longer, but I will fight for my country to my dying breath. It will not be in a foreign country in which I will fight, more likely it will be in a minority neighborhood in Southeren California,  I have become that I am one of the 144,000 reincarnations returned to earth to keep Lucifer at bay. What I think, what I say, and what I write will determine the future of future generations.

God Bless President Trump, and the United States of America.  Karmic justice to the traitors who want to nullify our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and its subsequent Amendments.  Semper Fi Marine!  AAAhhhhua!!


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