The corruption in the Department of Justice, FBI and CIA is so pervasive that Trump may have to declare Martial Law

It’s time to reform the legal system in the United States. It is a system of double standards and it fails to follow the Rule of Law.

Although Trump has tried to drain the swamp since being elected, the infestation of socialist/communist ideology within our national, state and local jurisdictions, has made it nearly impossible for him to accomplish all he has promised.

Nonetheless, you have to give him credit for the successes he has accomplished thus far, i.e., his emphasis on jobs;  reducing unemployment; promoting “made-in-America” products; and the strengthening our military, without which we would the target of attack by every competitive nation who wants to control world trade.

China already dominates the world markets. They are determined to regain their status as the oldest advanced civilization in history. The Silk Road, gun powder, writing, medicine. philosophy, et. al.,

We owe our national debt to China, their products over-flow our retail stores, and they hack and steal our advanced technology.

O.K. what does this have to do with corruption in the DOJ, FBI an CIA?

China has spent millions if not billions in placing Chinese spies in government agencies and third party  contractors, science slabs and universities. They are smart, driven and not a fan of American values.

Senator Feinstein who holds key positions in the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary committees had a driver who was outed as a Chinese spy. Her husband has large investments in Chinese industries.

If you have watched any of the Avenger movies (Captain America, Iron Man, etc.) series you will know that “Spector” and the “Octopus” is  a secret organizations that has infiltrated the highest levels of government. It’s a “ghost” organization and they have spies everywhere.  Russia is not our primary enemy, it’s China.  Red Dawn.

Trust no one in politics, government and leadership, just trust your neighbor and family, and more importantly, trust your instincts.




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