The French Revolution has restarted and it will spur a return to national sovereignty throughout Europe

French President, Emmanuel Macron

You may not know it, but the French President, Emmanuel Macron, is in a world of merde (shit).  The entire country is in an uproar over his gasoline taxes.

He raised fuel taxes in France even after Saudi Arabia had lowered their crude oil barrel prices to a near-all-time low.

Trump easily figured it out and gas prices average just below $3.00 a gallon in the U.S.

Of course, the “deep merde” (“Deep State”) wanted Trump to punish the Saudis government over the murder of an Washington Post reporter (Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi Arab citizen, who was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul) Jamal Khashoggi) was a critic of the Saudi King, Salman bin Abdelaziz Al Saud; and Crown Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, thus jeopardizing the the United States’ oil prices.

It is important to note that Khashoggi was not a U.S. citizen but a citizen of Saudi Arabia who criticized the Royal family of Saudi Arabia.  Where do we draw the line between interfering in the politics of a sovereign nation and respecting their methods to deal with instability?  We have yet to learn that we can not impose “democracy” on nations whose history is based on the exercise of power.

In Europe, gasoline is approaching $6.00 a gallon.  This after Macron and Mainstream Media critized Donald Trump for being a “nationalist” last Veteran’s Day in Champs-Élysées in Paris, Fr.

Hey, Macron brush up on your history!  it was the French that first helped America fight the British during our War of Independence in 1776.

French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

I am amazed of certain similarities between Macron and Napoleon. For one,  Macron is very short as was Napoleon, and just as ambitious.

Similarity, the French people under King Louis finally got tired of excessive taxes and starvation conditions and stormed the king’s palace and had Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI of France (1774–93)  beheaded via guillotine.  “Let them eat cake!”  said Marie Antoinette.

American Revolutionary War

You have to realize that America is part of a global economy and culture that requires diplomacy and cooperation.

The French gave us the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of our liberty and diversity. Ellis Island!

The Marques de Lafayette fought side by side with George Washington during the American Revolution.

Marques de Lafayette (1757-1834), a French statesman who served as a volunteer under General George Washington.

Good God! The French gave us the Statute Liberty many years later as a token of their solidarity with America!

Macron is no Napoleon, no Charles de Gaulle, but he is a globalist who wants to be part of the New World Order elite. The ministers of Europe, (England, France, Germany) are under the control of the Rothschild/Rockefeller family dynasties. whose sole purpose is total world control.

Macrom is neither a friend of America or Trump, but the oppressed French people are!




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