The Under-Estimation of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has bragged that his I.Q. is near genius. Of course, his detractors claim he is delusional.

There is one thing for sure, as a Marine Vietnam veteran, our government underestimated the will, knowledge and determination of the North Vietnamese people.

It is the only protracted war that we lost due to poor foreign policy, inept presidential advisors and a corporate international system that saw war as a sustainable economic market.

Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop and other third-party contractors in the thousands reaped billions by promoting war as an economic necessity.

War was and continues to be a profitable business. Killing the poor, disenfranchised is good for business. Presidents are always under pressure by the corporations that refund congress. Collateral damage? I call it murder, pure and simple.

Presidents Johnson and Nixon thought that America’s military might would ensure victory in the Vietnam War, but they were wrong. Totally wrong.

Countless 1,000 lbs bombs, chemical phosphorous artillery, jet airstrikes, and agent orange did not stop the nationalistic government of Vietnam from unification.

The just wanted to be left alone, not a colony of any other country, neither Chinese, French or Japanese.  Secretary of Defense McNamara his memoirs admitted that we were wrong in their assessment of the “domino theory.”

I know from personal experience as a Marine Infantry Officer in over 20 combat operations who engaged the North Vietnamese regular army that we were facing a professional tested fierce fighting force.

As a Marine officer, I did better than my best to safeguard my Marines from a clever and superior fighting force.  I did that and I am proud to have served as both an infantry officer and later as Recon Company Commander.

Let me get back to my president, Donald J. Trump.

About a year before Trump announced his candidacy for President, he was approached by approximately five generals and admirals who suggested to him that unless he ran the highest office in the United States, there would be a military coup to rid the nation of a cancer that was spreading and would result in the establishment of globalist New World Order (Bush’s NWO) that would debase and bastardize the concept of a “Constitution Republic”, and our Declaration of Independence.

You must understand that the Bush family was a pro-Nazi conglomerate that was instrumental in the execution of 911 along with our allies the Saudis and Zionist.

There is too much much evidence to deny it. They were also responsible for bringing drugs into America via the Iran/Contra debacle, the fostering of pedophilia rings via the Boy’s Club, prostitution and human trafficking, and money trafficking.

These military leaders were giving him a chance to change the course of history if he so chose. He did choose, knowing full well he would be the target of the globalists and selfish corporations that controlled the economic, social and media outlets of the world. He would become a target for assassination just like JFK.  He took the risk.

What I am about to share with you is a guarded secret.

It has to do with the close relationship that Donald Trump had with former President Nixon who was the last president to have near full knowledge of the alien presence; Trump’s uncle, John G. Trump and J.G. Trump’s mentor, MIT professor, Vannevar Bush (no relation) are part of the chain of knowledge with regard to what is now known as the “UFO File.”.

Vannevar Bush was in charge of The “UFO File” according to leading Harvard physicist Robert Sarbacher. Keep these names in mind and research them later.

Donald Trump via his uncle, John G., Trump, was fully aware of the presence of an alien presence as a young real estate executive in New York City.

Nixon was also an influence on Donald Trump, via his reliance on Jeane Dixon, the most sought-after psychic through three political administrations.

Jeane Dixon told Nixon that Trump would become president. Toward the end of his presidency, Nixon decided that the American public need to know the truth, so he hid a letter in the White House detailing a free energy formula in an attempt to disclose the alien presence and their advanced technologies.  Fantastic, huh?

Do you now understand why Trump is asking for a Space Force?

It already exists and he wants it back under the auspices of the Executive Branch, not the greedy aerospace companies. Free energy, intergalactic travel, age regression, cancer prevention. et al.

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