Trump promised that if elected, he would expose the perpetrators of 9/11. He is about ready to keep that promise and it involves the Bush family under George H.W. Bush, the Israelis, and Saudi Arabia.

George H.W. Bush had always depended on Saudi Arabia to fund his private oil investments, i.e., Zapata Oil in Texas, and personal loans et al. In return, “Poppy” Bush demanded of them certain concessions to their protection of neighboring states, that included the bombing of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the United States Capitol.  These are the intended targets. Fortunately, not all of the hijacked jets made their targets.

These sacrifices would result in the Patriot Act, the most serious invasion of our liberties and privacy in U.S. History; the expansion of wars and occupations all over the world; and the increase in profits for the international banks (funding the wars that have accomplished nothing substantial but certainly have resulted in the maiming and death of young American soldiers, airmen, Navy personnel and combat Marines.

Behind this crime against humanity was Dick Cheney and stupid George W. Bush who was intellectually deficient, inarticulate and a puppet for the NWO.

The public will soon learn that Bush senior did not die of natural causes, but was executed days before his reported death. The deal was that his legacy would be honored rather that go to trail for treason agains the United States of America. John McCain was also given the same deal.  It is interesting to note that Lindsey Graham, Senator McCains best “buddy” and cohort in inviting terrorism to the United Sates, became an ally of President Donald Trump after McCain’s death, from brain cancer.  Graham saw the writing on the wall and decided to cooperate with Trump.

Among the over 70,000 indictments that Trump has initiated in the past two year of his administration are Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Mueller (who was FBI Director during 9/11). Hillary and Bill Clinton, and hundreds of journalists, U.S. Attorneys, and corporate CEOs who benefited from the tragedy.

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