Who, what is Q Anon, and why does it matter?

If you do not follow alternative news media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and others, you have probably never heard of “Q Anon.”

As a side note, I no longer have an account with Facebook due to CEO Zukerberg’s political bias which results in violations of freedom of speech for innocent social media participant who just want to communicate with friends and family.
Incidentally, this is my second major blog because my first blog which had 3,000,000 unique visitors my first year was driven down by forces unknown. I have had to move my online home every couple of months to get my messages out. Guerilla fighting is my new mantra.
Twitter’s bias is not far behind.The fukin’ bastards!!
As for search engines you are better off with alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo.  Google and Bing are only useful if you want to search for non-controversial, political neutral subjects. Otherwise you will find yourself monitored and placed on a questionable dissident list.

Essentially, “Q Anon” is an online information source found on the Internet’s 8 and 4 CHAN(NELS) that takes its readers behind the scenes with regard to the graft and corruption in Washington D.C.  This not only involves the normal political opposition found in Washington D.C. and in our 51 states.

It does not stop there whether you believe or not. I do. If you don’t, you will not join your loved ones on the other side.

You will not be able to accept this, but part of being part of the anti-MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement requires involvement in pedophilia rings, human and drug trafficking, blood sacrifices (satanic), and cannibalism (tribal practices).

Using short codes and synchronicity to describe the fight between what is called the “Deep State” and Donald Trump’s followers, it has become a social phenomena that has drawn not only the Conservative Right, but the attention of radical Socialist Democrats who want to be informed about the strategies of the Conservative Right.  How stupid they are?  Trump never reveals his plans until the last minute.

Essentially, it is the blue pill versus the red pill (The Matrix), the Democratic Left versus the Republican Right and, yes baby, between evil and good in terms of the spiritual war between Christianity and satanism.

The following video is by Just Informed Talk.  It provides a good overview of this viral information source which many believe is closely aligned with Donald Trump policies and practices. The anonymous writers of Q Anon have an uncanny ability to predict future events and insights into the machinations of political intrigue.

One such future predictions is the upcoming (Dec 5, 2018) made-public indictments of over 65,000 Obama-era appointees and bureaucrats who have fostered the hoax of a Trump/Russia conspiracy. Mueller’s special counsel unit has been an investigation looking for a crime.

If these indictments become unsealed, they will target no only Clinton and Robert Mueller; but former CIA Director John Brennan; former Director of National Intelligence Clapper; and former FBI Director Comey; (all of which lied to Congress while under oath). Several key congressional representatives on both sides of the political isle who have colluded with both China and Russia will also be charged. Among them are Adam Schiff (D), Paul Ryan (R), and Senator Flake (R).

There are hundreds if alternative news media outlets that follow “Q,” each attempting to decipher the cryptic messages that come out almost daily.

A cautionary note. The posting by “Q” can be quite addicting.

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